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Conquering yourself
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A floating bath session: one hour of pure happiness!

The floating bath an essential discovery.
This treatment contributes to the development of self-awareness, in a space of relaxation and well-being. The feeling of weightlessness and isolation provides an unparalleled experience.
Indeed, the addition of a considerable amount of Epsom salt to the water of the basin allows flotation and brings a feeling of weightlessness. Water kept precisely at body temperature eliminates any sensation of contrast. It is also a unique experience for pregnant women.
Floating in epsom salt is floating in a natural relaxant. A health cure that provides magnesium and sulfate to your body.
Stress, a major scourge in our current society, contributes to 75% of health problems that are related to the effects of stress. Floating allows the body to float literally without any effort, it regains a natural postural alignment, thus, there is relief from muscle and joint pain and pain caused by arthritis and fibromyalgia.
The fruit of this symbiosis frees us from our physical dimension and awakens us to who we are fundamentally; a soul.
The surface area can accommodate more than one person at a time. It is therefore possible to float alone or in pairs.
This relaxation and meditation treatment brings a high level of mental and physical well-being. A return to basics.
Floating releases up to 90% of your central nervous system's potential, which allows the body to rebalance itself and also generates a multitude of benefits for the body and mind:

** The floating bath is reserved for people aged 16 and over.
** Pregnant woman restriction 4 months and less and breastfeeding.
FlotationConquering yourself! …The Floating Bath90€ 60mnDive into the heart of a dreamlike universe where time seems to stand still and only the well-being of the body countsYou & Me (Floating Duo)170€ 60mnMeet and contemplate, enjoy a moment of relaxation to rest and be together. Share this sweet moment that pushes you to slow down and make you feel like you are togetherMassagesInhale blow, Inhale blow and enjoy the present moment!Sea Flow signature massage90€ 60mnHolistic massage, a tailor-made treatment, the originality of this treatment lies in its personalization. This massage is adapted to your needs, thanks to different techniques, it envelops the body following the meridians and the muscles while concentrating on the reflex points. The perfect combination of ample and fluid movements associated with long strokes to release tension and offer complete relaxation.Relaxation Massage with Hot Oil90€ 60mnHaving ZEN moments for yourself is essential. The aromatherapy massage with hot oil is a luxury within the reach of all those looking for a relaxing break and escape. Energizing and anti-stress, it allows you to recharge your batteries and treat yourself to a moment entirely dedicated to your well-being, like a private cocoon.Lomi-Lomi Massage90€ 60mnInspired by the serenity of the Pacific Ocean, this Hawaiian massage recalls the softness and power of the waves of the Pacific Ocean thanks to the sliding pressure of the forearms on the whole body. A fully exotic experienceHot Stone Massage90€ 60mnA massage practiced with heated volcanic stones. Some stones remain still while others are slid over the skin, allowing intense relaxation, dissolving tension and reducing stress. Focused on heat, the hot stone massage is very envelopingYou & Me (Duo)160€ 60mnDuo massages are for 2 people who want to be massaged by two therapists in the same room. It is advisable to book Duo massages in advanceBody careGood skin, Good mood, Good day...Scrub with Sea Salt Crystals60€ 45mnGentle scrub, which exfoliates and refines the skin texture followed by hydration the skin is hydrated from head to toe to reveal luminous skinAlgae and Clay wrap65€ 45mnProvides a relaxing effect, moisturizes and eliminates impurities from the body. Full of iodine and trace elements, seaweed also recharges with essential minerals and promotes slimming. Clay unties muscle tension, regenerates, relieves, remineralizes and eliminates toxinsHeavy leg boots30€ 30mnFight against water retention, improve venous and lymphatic return, relieve the phenomenon heavy legs, reduce aqueous cellulite, in athletes, it helps to drive out the blood loaded with toxins and relieve muscle fatigueParaffin Hand Care30€ 30mnThis treatment Hydrates and Nourishes in depth, softens and provides more elasticity to the skin, soothes pain and improves blood circulation. Hand scrub, paraffin bath hydration of the skinFace careForever Young...Beautiful Skin Rebalancing Treatment80€ 60mnA tailor-made treatment adapted to the needs of your skin: moisturize, soothe or purify. The skin regains its harmony, it is better preserved from timeThe Hydra-Defense Treatment80€ 60mnAn anti-pollution antioxidant treatment that intensely hydrates, detoxifies and energizes the skin to make it more beautiful and stronger for a long time. The skin regains all its freshness and natural radiance. Re-oxygenated, luminous, hydrated, deeply detoxified skinEsthederm Excellage Signature Treatment115€ 90mnThis comforting high-nutrition treatment helps restore the skin's vital connections to strengthen its elasticity and firmness. Performance of the formulas, exclusive relaxation maneuvers, wrinkle-to-wrinkle massage, firming gestures and mask, lifting of the eyes combine for an exceptional youthful result. Redensified, radiant skin, a more even complexion. The face looks visibly youngerFloating packagesSea  Flow170€ 120mn60-minute flotation session followed by a relaxation massageSiren170€ 120mnFloating session 60mn followed by a facial treatmentGentlemen's packagesMan down!The sailor160€ 120mnFlotation 60 mn followed by a facial treatment, gives vitality To the skin while soothing daily razor burnThe Musk160€ 120mnFloating 60 min followed by a relaxing massageThe Sailor65€ 45mnBack care an ideal relaxing treatment to purify and moisturize the skin and relieve muscle painSea Flow VIPsA real journey of the senses...The Malaysian road trip140€ 90mnJasmine and Tropical Flowers A journey with fragrant and heady notes of jasmine and tropical flowers, a floral and exquisite fragrance that each product in this range consists of. Scrub with organic coconut exfoliating wax, Wrap with shea butter and creamy milk Jasmine Signature MassageThe Balinese Journey140€ 90mnLotus and Frangipani Flower The frangipani flower, a true symbol of femininity and seduction in Bali, is associated with the lotus flower; imprint of traditions and legends. This range is punctuated by revitalizing and deep massages. Traditional Lulur Body Scrub Shea butter wrap Frangipani Signature MassageDarjeeling road trip140€ 90mnGinger green tea An invigorating journey, with harmonious scents of green tea and spicy ginger. Perfect freshness which energizes the mind and drains the body. Body scrub with Ginger Green Tea Scrub salts Shea Butter Wrap + Ginger Green Tea Milk Green Tea Detox MassageFlow Chill130€ 90mnBody exfoliation with sea salt crystals for infinite skin soft, smooth and silky followed by a relaxing massageSea Holistic145€ 90mnWrapping with seaweed and clay has many virtues. Give yourself a real moment of relaxation, enjoy all the benefits marine assets. Improve the quality of your skin and relieve your pains. followed by a relaxing massageSea Treasure135€ 75mnSea salt scrub followed by seaweed and clay wrap and hydration silky skin, ideal for purifying, moisturizingThe Balm165€ 120mnFacial treatment followed by a relaxing massage
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SPA Etiquette
It is essential to book a time slot in advance.
La première séance est à 9h00. La dernière séance est à 17h00.
You can arrive 10 minutes in advance: any delay will reduce the duration of your treatment.
⚠ Please note: In the event of cancellation, a 50% cancellation fee will be applied to the total cost of the services.
Please inform us of any health problem or if you are pregnant when booking: certain treatments or products may need to be avoided.
Care is in no way therapeutic or medicalized. They are dedicated to well-being, relaxation and relaxation.

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