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The islands
Whoever puts a foot in the Saintes is first of all seized by the beauty and the contrast of the landscapes, harmonious compositions of crystalline waters and dry lands. A few steps in the village are enough to understand.
The Saintois took care of a unique heritage.

These nine pieces of islands

These nine islands with rocky landscapes and marvelous shores form the inevitable paradise for boaters, discovered in 1493 by Christopher Columbus

Crystal waters

Exceptional site, with these small islands with well-designed reliefs, in which are shining beaches and resplendent villages of doll houses, small boxes of all colors, decorated with wooden lace.
«The sugar loaf» is among the three most beautiful bays in the world.

Most beautiful bays in the world

Since July 1997, the Saintes have been members of the very exclusive club of the most beautiful bays in the world. The bay of Terre-de-Haut is a natural site world renowned for the beauty of its landscapes and its environment.

The sailors of the «Jeanne»

The Saints baptized «The West Indies Gibraltar», are especially a very popular bay of all the sailors and the boaters crossing in the warm waters of the Antilles.
Tourists flock to Terre-de-Haut whose reputation has crossed the ocean thanks to the sailors of the "Jeanne", a military building that regularly anchored in the bay.

Protection of the environment

Tourism development of the island which welcomes about 350 000 visitors a year.
The municipal tourist office, committed actor, at the service of tourism promotion, preservation of heritage and protection of the environment.

Attachment to their home

The visitor will not remain insensitive to the bright colors that adorn the traditional huts of the village, the flowered gardens and well maintained.
The wooden boxes adorned with traditional friezes with various motifs that make the village a village that is often referred to as a «doll village».
First stop in front of the pontoon of the landing stage; the building of the gendarmerie today houses the tourist office, majestically displays its jealousy.
Then take the SAMSON path ... the Marigot, Pompière and Fort Napoléon just waiting for you
The Résidence Hôtelière Hurlevent a magnificent house completely rebuilt from the family Boudin is unmissable with its breathtaking view of the Bay of Saintes, the unforgettable sunsets.